Meraki Books and Author Services

Meraki Books, Publishing and Author Services. Including Metamorphosis Author Services and Structure and Outline Boot camp:

Metamorphosis Author Consulting:

Plot analysis for full novel – 600.00 (No LGBT, Erotica, Horror)

Full edit for novels – 500.00-900.00 based on word count and level of work needed.

Author mentor week – 500.00

IRL boot camp – 150.00 (Lunch included, travel expenses not included.)

Lunch with author – 200.00 (food included, author pays traveling expenses, client gets a few hours to talk plot and brainstorm)

Cover design – 50.00 -100.00 depending on detail.

Formatting – clean copy  (no italics, no bolds or other details.) – 100.00

With pre-prep (italics, bolds, other little details marked for you) +40.00

Ebook (both formats) – 40.00

Any author changes after initial format –  20.00  (formatting error changes – free)

Any questions please contact Mrs. Jefferies at


“I bet many authors will agree with me when I say writing a book is easy compared to composing the blurb. C Michelle Jefferies offers invaluable and professional help, making the process fun and easy. I was hopelessly stuck with the blurb for my novel Flashback – it was okay, but not great – and Michelle saved me.” ~Maria Sadowski, author of Flashback, released June 2013 by Desert Breeze Publishing

“Michelle is the best! Fun to work with, honest, and will help you take your work from average to amazing! Affordable Prices that truly are a bargain for the amount of work she does and how much she teaches you.” ~Konstanz Silverbow author of Only Half Alive

“Working with Michelle was quite an education. Not only did she reconstruct my query, but she told me why things needed to be changed. It’s much stronger, thanks to her assistance, and it’s time to send it out again. I will definitely use her service in the future.” ~Lauren Ritz, author of Without A Voice, and Spirit