Meraki Books and Author Services

Meraki Books, Publishing and Author Services. Including Metamorphosis Author Services and Structure and Outline Boot camp:

Metamorphosis Author Consulting:

Plot analysis for full novel – 600.00 (No LGBT, Erotica, Horror)

Author mentor week – 500.00

IRL boot camp – 150.00 (Lunch included, travel expenses not included.)

Lunch with author – 200.00 (food included, author pays traveling expenses, client gets a few hours to talk plot and brainstorm)

Cover design – 50.00 -100.00 depending on detail.

Formatting – clean copy  (no italics, no bolds or other details.) – 100.00

With pre-prep (italics, bolds, other little details marked for you) +40.00

Ebook (both formats) – 40.00

Any author changes after initial format –  20.00  (formatting error changes – free)

Any questions please contact Mrs. Jefferies at